Word Air - Powerful Word Processor App Reviews

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Jumbles everything

The spacing and everything goes all wonky on this app… ugh I just want one app that will work like Word on my MAC…just one!!!

I will always use it.

It's so convenient and user friendly with a lot of same features. This one extremely helpful. I will always use it on my Mac to do word works. If you just looking for a word processor to do your works. This app is good for you. It/s simple and easy to use.

Professional APP.

Can do all the things that a desk top can do, but with more convenience. I think Word is an essential tool. All the features can be found in the menu bar, in the course of the use of no problems. Can only say that it is too easy to use.

Just Like That - It’s Useless

I just wrote four resumes and cover letters on this software and then suddenly, out of the blue it started to crash in the middle of the project. Now it refuses to recognize any document it created. I even deleted the program and reinstalled it. Junk ware. It corrupted all my docx files. And when I say all, I mean ALL. >=|

Very good.

In fact, everyone will have a word APP on their Mac. Because it is necessary, it will be needed everywhere in life. The key is whether the word app you use works well. I downloaded and used this app. I think it's quite good, and it can solve the problem of the text class.

It dose real works.

I have downloaded a few word processors to my Mac, after I used all app that I downloaded. I find this one is the most suitable for me. So many people think that it's not the best, but in my opinion, it's the best one for me. And I will always use this word app to do my writing work.


I purchased the upgrade for $9.99 and the app continually tells me I have to pay to print or export. I then click “Restore Previous Purchase,” enter my Apple ID and it repeats its demand that I upgrade. I complained to the authors and they told me some nonsense in broken English that I couldn’t even understand. I have tried deleting and re downloading but the App Store just tells me its already purchased. I would avoid it like the plague. Not worth the hassle. I’ve gone back to the free TextEdit application.


bought it to type some basic stuff, tends to glitch a little when trying to move the mouse around to do some editing. eg. wont let me move the cursor to where I want without moving to the line below where the current cursor is. (I didn’t explain that well). But the frustrating thing is I typed a long document saving in a .doc format, saved it, closed it and was preparing to export it to adobe to .pdf it. And I can’t even open the file. the app actually crashes. It will open the .rtf no problem. So now I have to re-type the entire document. Thanks Word air for wasting hours of my time, and my money :(

I like this one.

I really like this Word app, Word Air is still my favorite writing tool. I've tried other kinds and this one still wins. It works in almost every way I'd want and expect. It helped me a lot, save me a lot of time. All the features can be found in the menu bar, in the course of the use of no problems.

For people who want to write.

I love this app! I downloaded it on my Mac. I have had no problem what so ever with this app. My other wp program died and I didn’t know why so I tried this and it works great. My other program was an off brand and used. This one instead of a more well known file designation and this program opened all my files without problem. It’s great and works well.

Nice but there seems to be a learning curve here.

This seemed like what I wanted to create documents, which it can do, but will not print from the home screen. You must save, close, and then reopen in the Text Editor mode.

Very useful.

I can't tell you enough how nice it is to be able to access all different kinds of files from one single app. It's nice to be able to use it for my work, and I am looking forward to exploring all the features. In my opinion, this one is really designed for me. I like using it on my works.

Simple to use

I've tried other kinds and this one still wins. It works in almost every way I'd want and expect. In my Mac, often used APP very little, this APP is one of them. I am now completely out of it. It is also very simple to use, not too much complicated operation. I love it so much.

Wouldn’t let me edit the pictures

I would like a refund for my $9.99 “upgrade"! It lets you attatch a picture, but doesn’t even upload it correctly it kept chopping them off. It also doesn’t let you change the size of the images. It’s a piece of crap that didn’t help me accomplish what I was trying to do!


Selected “$4.99 Upgrade” to export PDF’s - does not work. Just wasted 5 bucks on this..

So powerful.

I can't tell you enough how nice it is to be able to access all different kinds of files from one single app. A lot of text files it can be a good solution. Of course, there are a lot of other features that I need to use. Maybe there are a lot of features that I haven't found. Because it has all functions what you want.

Worth having.

My work is always around the text. Finding a good text editor app and a good document app is very important to me. I don't want to affect my feelings because I can't deal with these small jobs. So I blindly downloaded a lot of apps that are similar to this software. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for me. When I thought it might be impossible to find it, my friend recommended it to me. When it was first used, there was no hope for it. But after actually using it, it turned out that it was suitable for me and was the app I was looking for. I was able to accomplish what I wanted to accomplish through it. This simply can't be used anymore. It's really worthwhile for me to write a comment for it. This is something I haven't seen before. It was also my first time writing. There are a lot of things I want to say, far more than what I said above. Its function, its interface, and its layout are all my favorite styles. It can be said that it was designed for me. Thank you very much for creating this app. I am also looking forward to its update. I have now used it completely as a tool for my work.

It's beyond my imagination.

Most of the functions are quickly available on the menu bar or in drop down menus. It makes me professional, and all the word work can be well done by using this one. I really think it's one of the most helpful and the best wordprocessing programs. And I think this one will be my office tool in my office works.

Mimics Word but Free

Chose this from the array of different word apps from other reviews. The word document is on point. It does everything that you want a computer -based paper to do. It has the tooks you need and has not failed or froze too many times other than the normal one or two. The difference is probably money where the paid Word app might do a few more key things, but this application works for nominal papers and other things

i love it

love it but its annonying when it keeps asking for a review

Professional word app.

This is the word document I want. Although simple but very professional, can help me a lot. It's simple and lets you do what you want to do write. I can tell others I have found a much faster and easier program. I so happy that I have it. Thank you guys to do this app. It's also easy to add some pictures in word. It makes me professional. I think it's one of the most helpful wordprocessing programs I've used. Everything that I want to do in word - create, review, annotate, and edit documents - can be done in this app. This app has quicker and easier creation and editing options than any app I've used previously for getting pdf's looking like they should. I've used this app to do a lot of files, it really help me a lot, my work became more easy than before. I feel that I am success in my work. I don't know why other people said it's bad, it really great. Thank you guys to design this one.

The best Word app.

Simple and easy to use, do not worry about problems. It saves a lot of time. I can handle my writing well. It makes me professional, and all the word work can be well done by using this one. I think this is one of the best and feature-laden free word processing apps.

Worth using.

As a word app, it is undoubtedly a success. All the functions are both basic and advanced. Very able to meet my requirements. And its function is enough to satisfy my request. I am quite satisfied with it. Tt's a good app which worth using.

My real thoughts about this app.

I have been using this app for some time now, at least until now it has not had any problems. In the process of using is also very smooth. I have not tried to upgrade, because I think it can meet my requirements with it's basic version, but I did not appear forced to upgrade, and this is where I feel good. It will not force you to spend, and will not deduct for no reason. As a student, I need to complete my project, so I usually use this word APP to report on the subject. With so many reports completed, it made me feel that this APP was really great to use, and completely don't worry about anymore. I am a person who is very demanding on my computer software. I will delete the bad APP after downloading the trial, so there are not many APPs on my computer right now. This word APP is the one I left after downloading and using. And after a period of time can I be recommended to others, we can see that this APP is quite good. I'm not a regular commentator, but I think this APP really deserves me writing, and I just wanted to tell my real thoughts, just like that I recommended this one to my classmates. These are good things. I think we should share, so I wrote this comment. Maybe it will be useful to others. I just want to say I live Word Air.

Professional word app.

I know there are a few word type options available in the App Store. I have tried them all, but now I don't need to either. Word Air can do everything I want do with my files, I can't work without it now. This one is really a professional word app.

Horrible word processor

This Word Air appeared in my Launchpad, so I tried it. Then I kept receiving annoying messages to upgrade for $9.99. I upgraded, but it wasn't in my download file. I went to the App Store and downloaded it from there. Well, guess what? I paid $9.99 for nothing. It was never upgraded. I tried using this all day to complete a project that had to be done in Word, and it’s the worst word processor I have ever used. Trying to change the tabs is a complete mystery. I went online to find out, but none seemed like the instructions applied to this version. Whenever I try to open “Get Info” tab, I get the Spinning Death Wheel and must force-quit the program. Whenever I try to use the Help menu, it can never come up with an answer (“No results found). There’s no easy way to draw a thick line across the page without using the underscore. Trying to use the tabs is a nightmare. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It doesn’t have half the features of MS Word, so don’t think you’re getting a bargain. I thought Pages was bad, but this is much worse.

It's really a good one.

I am enjoying this app more than I thought I would. I can do everything on this app. It's so easy to use and so professional. Very happy with it. I will tell it to my friends that they can also use it. I really think this APP is really good.


I am now stuck with WordAir and I don’t like it at all. It is not user friendly. Microsoft Word has it beat all to pieces. It takes me forever to get my work done, and the only reason I keep using it is because my other computer died.

I will have to buy Microsoft Word

This program has a lot of glitches. I am not very happy with it. I bought the “premium” version and I wish I hadn’t wasted my money. Lately the program has been shutting down whenever it wants.


I spent 9.99 to by the premium and none of the feautures were unlocked. This app doesn’t offer anything other than the free feature, it is a scam.

Awesome! Except for one problem that I would like to be fixed

I got this for my computer for writing papers for school. I couldn’t find Microsoft word on the App Store, and stumbled upon this app. It’s great and as good as Word. The only problem is that when you get it, you need to make a small purchase to be able to have certain features, including the ability to print stuff. Other than that, it’s awesome!

It's very functional.

I use this word app daily for a long time. It's professional and good program for office work. I absolutely love this app it makes my life truly easier when it is fully functional. You should try this one, absolutely easy to use.

I need it for working.

I have to say without MS Word the world will not be the same. This word application makes it very easy for me to do work. I use this app quite frequently and find i beneficial in many areas of my life. This app really helped me a lot.

That's a essential app.

This is an excellent addition to the app that I had not seen before in any other word document app. It works well for what I use it for and has enough intuitiveness for me. In my own feeling, I think is perfect as a word app. And also I need.

This APP is what I want.

As a word, it is undoubtedly a success. All the functions are both basic and advanced. It works great, and helps me a lot. And compared to other word software, I think this should be the best use, but also the most practical.

This one extremely helpful.

It's so convenient and user friendly with a lot of same features. And I think it's a basic tool for word, this app give has given me the sase of use I needed. I am so satisfied with this app, thank you guys!

For people who want to write.

Until this APP appeared before, there is not an Word can make me feel good enough. So I write this review to say it's good enough to download it. And it has been working for me since I started downloading it. But also in the use of the process without any problems.

High-quality products.

This app has quicker and easier creation and editing options than any app I've used. This app has given me the ease of use I needed, as well as provided all the basic tools you require from word. All the documents can be effectively handled, and every features can be used easily. That's the real Word for documents.

It's very convenient to use

This APP is used to deal with documents, I often this document and other documents is an important difference between open it don't need to take a very long time, at the time of operation document, can operate several documents at the same time, not like other products, operating multiple documents, there will be a failure, this is very troublesome, at the time of operation document, can choose the desired format for editing, this makes our daily work easily

how to pdf

I payed the $9.99 to upgrade but i still cant save as PDF..help please?

It saved a lot of time

I am working in an office, the main content of the daily work is to handle all kinds of documents, this kind of work is boring some boring, a day to deal with so many documents, there must be a good document processing tools, after I multiple experiments, I found this APP is the best I've used APP processing documents, first handle multiple documents at the same time, won't appear the phenomenon of forced exit, open it, you can operate documents, don't want any other APP, open it takes a very long time, and it includes tables, pictures, and so on function, can enrich our document content, I found that do document also is very interesting

robbing me of my money!

I just downloaded this app for free and when I needed to insert an image I tried to buy the upgrade. I’ve done this twice and the app still wont allow me to insert an image into my document. If I see two charges on my credit card for 4.99 I’ll be furious and I better get a refund!

Make work easy

I am a office clerk, common main job is responsible for the relevant documents, complete the document writing, check, every day in the face of so many documents, to deal with is more troublesome, the difference between the APP and other Word APP open multiple documents modified at the same time, there will be no mistake, can't open the situation, and in the face of the document written on is more convenient, can add pictures, tables, etc

Support various types

Our normal work, often there will be some statements, images need us to join in the document, used a lot of Word version product, there are some unsatisfactory place, add these things, and often we anticipated results are different, but after using this APP, found that this APP is so great, support a variety of forms, can put the file into PDF, RTF mode, also won't because open way, cause the file is not unified

Good service and customer experience

This APP page is simple, but you want it to have, it will give you the best user experience, you can try a period of time, absolutely great, after purchase, this APP will provide better service, can support various formats, support the file to PDF files, etc., in the study, this APP provides great help to me

worth to use and satisfied with it

This app on apple computer running smoothly ,not like other word products, should open it takes a long time ,with the word write flies with other way to open, there will be no deviation of such work in our lives, there is no need to worry about file style is different ,the function of this app is better ,in the process of office let me avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Practicality is better

Most of my professors do not accept pages,so I use this app to submit my work,this app is so convenient and so much,I like this BThis APP is easy to operate. In our learning process, we need to use the APP here to process documents, and I find that the APP is easier to operate and more usable.


Works like a basic word processor except you cant print or export. $4.99 or buy all features $9.99 only then you would have paid too much for a BASIC word processor. Pointless unless you buy. Should always read bad reviews to see if it works.


so far so good. it has been helpful, no doubt.

Not Great

Its a good app, but after I typed up a three page paper due the next day i found out that you cant print without buying the full version.

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